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Fear in art

I've been making art almost my entire life. Throughout all of these years, I have experienced many trepidations when creating art. I still deal with the classics; My art isn't good enough. What if I screw it up when I add color? I've never used this medium before, what if for some irrational reason I suck with it?

I'm naturally insecure, what can I say?

These fears drive me to procrastinate and to work within what I am comfortable in making, stemming my creativity, and causing unneeded stress. This is why sketch booking has been so important to me throughout the years. It allows me to explore, and to remember that I am actually as skilled as I am without having to jeopardize a commissioned piece.

With that being said, this week I will be practicing my watercolors before I start on the behemoth of a watercolor that is currently sitting on my easel in my office. I haven't used watercolors in a little while and I need my confidence boost before I get started. Don't let the fear rule you, and keep making stuff!


I finished the fish piece for my dad! I really took this one to the next level, I would say it is one of the most accurate pieces I've ever painted and I'm extremely pleased with it. :)

I tried to emulate a silver salmon jumping up a waterfall.

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