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Big update comin' at ya!


Making progress on some pieces the past few weeks. Was testing my masking fluid and decided to draw on top of it. Made a pretty fun piece out of it.

There's something about the underlying meaning of the word drift that I really find sad and yet natural, and therefore something that we shouldn't be sad about but rather we should just accept. The perpetual drifting of thoughts, the drifting apart of friends and family, the feeling of drifting through life. A lot of feeling in such a little word.


Made some progress on the big bad boy but unfortunately not super happy with how some of the sky turned out.

Going to probably go back and try to get a little more natural of a feel to the sky, see if I can make it a little less streaky. It's so dry here it's tough to do these really large areas!


I got a little project from a friend that is going to go down as one of the funniest things I've illustrated all year. If you live in Boise, ID you'll get this pretty quickly.

This is going on shirts and I get one! can't wait to wear it around all year.


Started another illustration randomly between work meetings that is turning out to be a really nice piece. I call it Cosmic Mother Daughter. (sorry for the horrible photo).

Colored pencils are hard so shiny they are hard to get a really good photo without a light box. No meaning behind this piece other than the surrealness of it. went with a 50's housewife dress. seemed to fit the weirdness of the piece.


I haven't made any progress on my digital illustration yet but I'll d r i f t my way back to it soon.

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