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11.8.20 - Burnout

I decided I want this blog to be a little more light hearted and fun than the essay I posted last week so I'm just going to share what I'm working on and a few thoughts about burnout and what I've found helps me get through it.


First let's start with the good stuff.

A creepy work doodle.... SPOOOOOOOKY

Was doodling at my full time job and this ended up coming out of it. I've been dealing with a lot of health issues this year and this guy kinda felt like a personification of that stuff. I'm happy to announce I'm feeling much better lately and getting that shit handled.

Bubbly Fisherman - Inktober 52

So, at some point I got really busy and I stopped working on inktober 52, apparently I forgot to color this guys nad post him and I just happened to find him caught in my scanner today. He is very wet, and very bubbly. I'm pretty sure the word of the week was "bubble"



A few years back I looked through all of my artwork and decided I needed to do something with it and so I created Toponaut Designs. This little one man operation is my way to make art in the style I want to and to (hopefully) sell some art and make some people happy. I've done okay with it but one of the biggest things I've fought with is burnout. I work a full time job as a graphic designer as well and sometimes I really just don't want to draw when I come home.

Doing this much artwork can be really taxing and you have to find a way to combat the dreaded "B" word. I have found that my biggest motivator is to focus on more traditional art and illustration through Toponaut and leave the design and branding at work. By making art and illustration, the stuff I really love to do, what I focus on at Toponaut it keeps me working abnd exploring in my free time. That isn't to say I don't get lazy some times and binge watch tv shows or play video games or go out with friends. Breaks are also very important!

The biggest thing that keeps me from hitting burnout though, is to not beat myself up about not capitalizing on every opportunity that comes my way. You can't do everything. It's best to pick what you really want to be working on and focus on that and give yourself a break once and awhile.

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