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11.15.2020 - WIP

Not a lot to talk about this week so just enjoy some work in progress shots of my recent projects!


First a fish painting, Just started this one this weekend. It's going to go in the top of a custom serving cart my father is building. Really like how the water turned out!


So not much to see here, other than the sheer size of this piece. 62" wide x 38" tall, this is one of the largest pieces I will ever have made and it's going to be a watercolor/ink drawing!. I got the okay from my friend (the client) to start in on the watercolor after reviewing the sketch. It took me way longer than I will admit to getting started on this piece but it's finally moving forward!


This last one is just for me. I've wanted to work on rendering believable spaces so I thought I would try out a busy room design. I've only just started laying everything in and I have a long way to go. Using my new Cintiq monitor to make this piece.


Probably won't post next week so see you in 2!

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